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Polymer supramolecular structures in the form of micelles, vesicles, and films are of particular interest as building blocks/templates for molecular factories. If appropriately designed from the point of view of chemical nature and properties, these structures can favour the insertion/encapsulation/attachment of biological molecules that serve as active blocks without dramatically impairing their function. Polymer vesicles and planar membranes selectively permit encapsulation or insertion of a variety of biomolecules, ranging from low molar mass components to functional enzymes and proteins, without hampering their activities. In addition, polymer membranes modified by the insertion of channel proteins allow for the selective exchange of molecular components/reaction products across the membrane, while the functionalization of their surfaces supports targeted approaches. Initially, the variety of amphiphilic copolymers, and later the multifunctionality and responsiveness of biomolecule – polymer assemblies will be extended, by integrating them in complex networks that will support molecular factories.

Molecular Systems Engineering - A new NCCR Initiative

Latest Publications


Combinatorial Strategy for Studying Biochemical Pathways in Double Emulsion Templated Cell‐Sized Compartments
E.C. dos Santos, A. Belluati, D. Necula, D. Scherrer, C. E. Meyer, R. P. Wehr, E. Lörtscher, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier, Adv. Mater.2020


Updating Radical Ring-Opening Polymerisation of Cyclic Ketene Acetals from Synthesis to Degradation
J. Folini, W. Murad, F. Mehner, W. Meier, & J. Gaitzsch, European Polymer Journal2020



Giant Polymer Compartments for Confined Reactions
E. C. dos Santos, A. Angelini, D. Hürlimann, W. Meier, & C. G. Palivan, Chemistry2020